Connecting Parents Program

Two Announcements From the:

Connecting Parents’ Program


1.)Our Knowledge is Power topics for our Spring Newsletter are going to look exactly like the Knowledge is Power topics that were in our Winter Newsletter because it is, in fact, the exact same information!!!

We are repeating the January topic, “Typical Thinking of Children and Adolescents”… and then proceeding to complete the series: What’s Typical and What’s Not!!! that was interrupted by the weather in February and March.  We will also be including one or two Topic Trainings on this theme… but… stay tuned for further details about that!!!!



2.)There will be a ONE TIME ONLY time change for next Tuesday morning’s support group in Westwood (4/7/15)


Conflicting schedules have required that we move the time for the Westwood Library group from 10:00am – Noon to 2:30pm – 4:30pm.  This is unusual, and we hope it does not inconvenience anyone.  The group will continue to meet at its regular time again beginning on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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