Flex Family Focus Group

Flex Family Focus Group Invite


DMH is changing its Individual and Family Flexible Support Services and wants input from parents!


Please come to our parent meeting to help us better understand what families need for their children with mental health needs. We also want to hear ideas for improving DMH’s community based services.


Please attend DMH’s parent meeting:


DATE: 10/25/2017

TIME: 1PM to 230PM

PLACE: DMH Central MA Area Office

361 Plantation St

Worcester, MA 01605


We look forward to hearing your ideas and your thoughts.  Here are some of the questions we’re interested in discussing:



  1. What mental health and wellbeing needs do you and your child have that are not currently being met by services available in your community?



  1. What do you need to fully support and provide for your child with mental health needs living at home? What does your child need to live happily at home?



  1. What has been your experience getting the services and supports your child currently receives?



To RSVP and if you have any questions about the meeting, please contact:

Nicole Palmer at or 774-420-3144

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