Free: IEP/Neuropsych Webinar

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The information below is from the Neuropsychologist, Dr. Joseph Moldover, who spoke at the Parent Support Group Workshop that I hosted here at Wayside Youth and Family Support Network in Waltham on September 8th. He did a wonderful job of explaining to the attendees what a neuropsychological evaluation is and how it differs from school testing. Dr. Moldover addressed why one would do a neuropsychological evaluation and how to utilize it in assisting in and supporting a child’s IEP planning. 

Dr. Moldover along with one of the top attorneys from Kolton, Crabtree, & Strong (who were highly engaged in the formulation of the MA SpEd law back in the ‘70’s) Eileen Hagerty, Esq. are hosting a FREE webinar for parents on October 16th. 

If you or a family you know may benefit from this free webinar, the information for registering is as follows:


An Open Webinar for Parents

Presented by : Dr. Joseph Moldover, Developmental Neuropsychologist & Eileen M. Hagerty, Esq.

Thursday, October 16th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT

Back to school is a time when parents are reminded of one of their most important responsibilities: understanding their child’s educational needs and advocating for those needs to be met.

Join two leading experts in special needs science and law as they share a NO COST webinar geared for parents of children with special needs.

During this live event, they’ll:

  • Focus on learning and developmental assessment and diagnosis and special education law and advocacy
  • Help you translate clinical and legal language into usable concepts and strategies for your child
  • Host an extended question and answer session to cover your specific questions

Register Now! All registrants will be emailed a copy of the recording 24 hours after the live event takes place.

To register for this FREE webinar, go to:




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