New Report: Lessons Learned from the Modern Adoptive Families Study

Interesting report for our diverse families.

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The Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI) is proud to announce the release of our new report by Dr. David Brodzinsky and Dr. Abbie Goldberg entitled “Practice Guidelines Supporting Open Adoption in Families Headed by Lesbian and Gay Male Parents: Lessons Learned from the Modern Adoptive Families Study.”

Our 2015 Modern Adoptive Families (MAF) Study was designed to explore similarities and differences in family characteristics, experiences and adjustment outcomes in different types of adoptive families. Based on this study, the new report contains important practice guidelines supporting families headed by lesbians and gay men who are navigating open adoption. The research also indicates a growing interest in establishing open adoption arrangements with the birth family among all types of families adopting domestically, regardless of parental sexual orientation.

The MAF study report reveals that lesbian and gay male parents are as motivated as heterosexual parents, and sometimes more so, to establish and maintain contact with the birth family compared to heterosexual parents. This commitment to openness and transparency from lesbian and gay male adoptive parents is a hopeful indication and echoes the importance of continuing to move from a transactional approach to a more transformational one.

In addition, I recently had the honor of chatting with Brian Rosenberg, CEO of Gays With Kids about transracial adoption, the importance of having transformational conversations about differences of race, class and culture and acting on what we know from research and lived experiences to help children fully embrace all parts of their identity. Watch the videos here.

Both the MAF study report and Gays With Kids videos illustrate the importance of understanding and supporting 21st Century families by infusing more openness in adoption and working to remove biases of race, class and culture. Every family deserves the chance to be strong, and in adoption, we can strengthen families by making sure professionals and parents have the resources they need.

We encourage you to share any questions and thoughts on our report at . We would also be extremely grateful if you would take this opportunity to help us continue our vital work by making an online donation today.


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