S.O.C. System of Care meeting

Please note that the System of Care meetings are open to parents: Parents are encouraged to attend.


Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

Community Service Agency

Framingham Area


July 24, 2014



Ann Killion/Wayside Parent Partnership spoke about their monthly parent support group and a special topic group (TBA) Transitioning from summer back to School. All groups are free and open to any parents. Flyers will be distributed soon. See resources from Tracy for list of on-going groups.

Danielle Mendiola announced that Arbour has changed several of their phone numbers and sent out a flyer with all new numbers. Additionally Arbour just opened a new adolescent partial program in Worcester, ages 13-17, MBHP only. For more information contact email Danielle at .

Presentation: Ann Killion/Wayside Parent Partnership Program gave a presentation on how to assist families with preparing for IEP or other school meetings. She shared the following information and provided tips while the group asked questions.

  • Build a positive relationship with at least one person that will be attending the meeting.

  • Plan ahead: write down your child’s strengths, what they need the most help with, goals for the year, homework concerns, and what they like most about school.

  • Federal law requires that schools provide support to families through CPACs, linkage to support groups, and accessing the Federation for Children with Special Needs.

  • Parents are able to bring any support persons to a meeting to assist them. When parents are planning to bring any professional supports they should notify the school.

  • After the meeting, parent should ask for a name and contact information of one person they could contact if they have any questions.

  • Parents can request a copy of the attendance sheet and any notes from the meeting.

  • Parents do not have to sign an IEP at the time of the meeting, they should take time to review the document and write down any questions.

  • If parents need assistance in understanding their child’s IEP they can request a member of the school review it with them. If they would like a neutral party they can seek assistance through their local CPAC or through the Federation for Children with Special Needs.

The following guide from the Federation for Children with Special Needs can be downloaded by going to: http://www.fcsn.org/parentguide/parentguide.pdf

Next meeting: August 28th 1-2 @ The Greater Framingham Community Church, 44 Franklin Street


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