Keeping accommodation on track

Wayside Parent Partners are often asked about school accommodations for children with IEPs or 504 plans. We’re here to help and pleased to offer some tips from ADDitude Magazine.

7 Secrets to Keeping Accommodations on Track


I have heard from other parents that the school doesn’t always implement every accommodation in the written IEP or 504 Plan. How can I check up to see if they are?

Each teacher is responsible for implementing the IEP or Section 504 accommodations in his or her classroom. Staying actively involved in your child’s education keeps you up to date on how well the accommodations are working. Some ways of staying involved include:

1. Maintain communication with teachers via phone calls or e-mails. Ask specific questions about different accommodations and any problems that might be occurring because of them. Ask which accommodations the teacher finds most helpful and which don’t seem to be working.

2. Attend parent-teacher conferences. Prepare by writing down questions and concerns, and listen to ideas the teacher offers. Review progress reports.

3. Give positive feedback to teachers and administrators about what is working and why you feel it is working. Be willing to listen to their feedback as well.

4. Monitor your child’s tests, homework, and reports. Make copies, and place in your IEP or 504 file.

5. Attend school functions and PTA meetings. Volunteer to help in the library, or to chaperone on field trips. Become known in your school as an active and involved parent. The school will be more receptive to requests that you make for your child if you are.

6. Request information on training sessions in Section 504, IEPs, ADHD, and other pertinent topics. Ask if you can attend training sessions along with the teachers to stay up to date on these topics.

7. Share information, such as articles and fact sheets about ADHD and other related disabilities, with teachers and the 504 and IEP teams.

Can I Call For A Meeting Or Tweak The Plan?

You can call for a meeting at any time if you have concerns that the accommodations are not working. Small changes can be made by talking on the phone with the IEP or 504 Plan head. If parent and school agree that a change should be made, such as adding a day of speech therapy, it is easily made.

Major changes to the document are made at the annual review.

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By Eileen Bailey