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  1. Can my 18 year old daughter apply right now? She just graduated from Framingham High and is going to study graphic animation at a Community College in the fall. She is a bright person with learning disabilities. Scotty met her at Framingham High during the year. Hoping there might be a space for her. Thank You! Kathleen Hepler

    • I am so sorry I missed this comment. I would love to get together and see what we can do for your daughter. Green House Graphics is starting in a few weeks and there is definitely an opening. Please give me a call at Tempo 508 879-1424 or an email at

  2. Wow, David and Scott! What a phenomenal concept you all have at Greenhouse Graphics. (Great name, too, btw.) I really salute you for getting a program like this off the ground. What a difference it will make in the lives of all involved.

    My husband and I live in way over in Fullerton CA, 3000 miles away. I heard about your program because Tom Caselline brought our nephew over — John Wisdom.

    I’m really interested in learning more. Would you be willing to call and tell me more about where you got the idea, how you started up, what you had to overcome, how you overcame it, and where the program is now?

    I’m personally interested. At the same time, why waste your time with just one person? Even if that person is a cheerleader for you? :-)

    Maybe I could provide facts or a story outline for any local media –? If you want or need that.

    All good wishes! I’m rooting for you!

    Madeleine Prendergast
    cell 781-698-9222

  3. Hi David it’s me Erika I have a friend thats interested in the program also me we like to come down to talk you about it

  4. The show David and his students have put together here is incredible. I hope everyone gets a chance to come see it–up until July 18, right? It was great to meet the artists last night, but the work also stands on its own. You all are doing GREAT work! (Show at Amazing Things 160 Hollis Street, Framingham 12-6 Tues-Sat and during evening performance intermissions.)


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