Logo created by Green House Graphics for the MWEHSUTF

Here’s a logo we produced over the last 30 weeks at Green House Graphics. The initial concept was produced by Joshel and eventually finished by the team at GHG. Our final deliverable and letterhead went out about 2 weeks ago. Check it out.

MWBHSATFLetterhead no shadow


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The Demon Skull by Isaac King


Surface prep by Isaac King

Surface prep2

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Cool Clouds by Isaac


happy clouds

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Isaac King at the Amazing Things Art show


Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site. This shot was taken in our art studio at Tempo. This has been a great learning experience for me personally. A real chance to use different media, and create artwork. I have always considered art to be a hobby. Once I realized that I could actually make a living off art so many doors opened up. I’m glad to be a part of this program and look forward to another class.


New Green House Graphics Logo


Here’s the final logo for our graphics program at Tempo. This logo was developed and created by Scott McAlarny and Isaac King. Our clients sorted through 5 different permutations of the artwork in an effort to nail down the best representation of the vibe in our interactive workshop. So here it is. Let us know what you think.

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Corey at the Amazing Things art show

This is a picture of me and my charcoal drawing of Bass girl at the art show. In order for me to do this drawing i had to redo it 4 times. 3 times in charcoal and once in colored pencil. the reason the colored pencil wasn’t in the art show was because the charcoal went with the other charcoal pieces.



Frankie’s Scratchboard stuff

Frankies Scratchbo_68 Frankies Scratchbo_69 Frankies Scratchbo_71

These are my first three pieces working with this “scratch board” media. It totally works to my style, with shading. In working, inversely, from the lightest to darkest areas, I chose to do a burning building because of the amount of light in it. It really makes for very interesting art.

Scott McAlarney of Green House Graphics


My name is Scott McAlarney of the Green House Graphics interactive workshop and graphics company at Tempo. I was introduced to the workshop through the Tempo staff when they learned that I had a hobby for graffiti-style artwork. As one of the artists in the first workshop we ran, I was able to expand my skills and abilities immensely under the guidance of our Mentoring Artist, David Sebastian and the support of the other artists in the workshop. After the first run of GHG, I was asked and graciously accepted the position of Peer Mentoring Artist which has allowed me to further support my fellow artists in the workshop. I cannot express how much fulfillment and success I have found through this program, but our incredible results at our first Art Show speak for themselves. It was truly incredible to see my fellow artists’ and my own work proudly on display to the public and the response we received was staggering, selling well over half of the art on display and showing us artists just how much we can achieve with the work we put in, the resources we need, and a little help from our friends at Tempo, Wayside, and all the other people who have made this dream a reality.

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Jade at the Amazing Things Art Show

All viewers that made an appearance at our art show, thank you for your support! It was a very successful first annual art show for Green House Graphics, and it’s young adult artists. I am very pleased to say I am a part of this working group. Art is about expression. It can mean so many different things, and be percieved various ways. The mind is an amazing organism. I enjoy creating abstract work.



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