Tyler’s Green House graphics experience



This program was very helpful. it taught me a lot of new things. i am a tattoo artist and it can really help me in my line of work.we learned several new skills. skills like photoshop illustration and how to use a air brush. it was very helpful to know that i can get a drawing done in half the time using photoshop. i could resize the picture take away from it or add more with a click of the mouse. learned new ways to draw and how to make our own stencils. i also learned how the airbrush worked and the little pieces that go with it. its very similar to a tattoo gun which is really cool. i really liked this program. i wish it could last longer and i would love to work with David more and do this program again.

ONI , Not Evil Just misunderstood. an art project by Alexandre M. M.



My “Oni” piece was based off this demo of a game on the PS4 that story isn’t important, the point is I was having fun hanging out with my brother playing this game I saw these 4 eyes appear one moment then it gave me the power to see demons. however, they are called ONI in Japan. Then I got bored of this game easy. . .  Fighting off giant demons while swinging a spiked club (called a Kanabō) seemed pretty written out. But I recalled seeing those eyes before, teen titans/DC :Trigon.
I love mythology, demonology, I fear it as healthily as one should. a part of me believes, part of me doesn’t, thats me.
I create artwork under the name Lucky7Bolt

Derek’s post


Judge Jay Blitzman and artist Derek Joyce

Hi my name is Derek Joyce I am reiki practitioner 2 going on to master in reiki. The picture I made is to awaken the  human race and connect us to our inner being that we look for our whole lives and to show how to draw with our emotions which society distracts us from finding.

Let this art connect you to a time  of inner consciousnesses when we once lived as one.

Derek J





I love all animals, and my favorite are felines. The cats you see belong to me. They are twins! Axel (left) and Damien (right) mean very much to me, which is why I chose this piece of artwork to show others. This is also my first painting, and I’m very proud of how it turned out! For more cool artwork, be sure to check out the rest of the website, including the other young adult artists. :)