Green House Graphics 3rd session


Hey folks

So we just finished our 3rd run of Tempo’s Green House Graphics Art workshop. 5 young adult artists graduated with us on 12/19. Everyone did great work and worked great as a team. Some of the new artwork is up on the individual young adults pages. I thought it would be cool to put up a few galleries here. Check them out.

Chris Burpee

Scott McAlarney

Jonah Jones


Nichole DiLiddo

Tom McGuire



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New Artwork Added from our Young Adult Artists

New Artwork has been added to our Young Adult Artists’ personal pages from our Third run of the Green House Graphics Workshop! Check out the new work below or on their individual pages through the Young Adult Artists tab!

Jonah Jones

Chris Burpee

Nicole Dillido

Tom C. McGuire

Vinny Renna