New Session of Green House Graphics starting on 9/28 10:30-3pm for 6 weeks

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So check this out. A new Green House Graphic session is starting on 09/28/15 and running six weeks ending on 11/06/15. The new program has a few big changes. This time we are doing specific projects on certain days. We are doing this so young adults can come for everyday or just the projects and media they are interested in.

Bare in mind that the young adults who have the best attendance have the best chance to get a gift card. Every week we will put the name of everyone who comes in into a hat and draw a winner on Friday afternoons. If you come 4 days you’ll have 4 chances in the hat. We’ll also be buying lunch one day a week.. The final incentive is a stipend based on attendance and productivity at the end of the program.

We will also be doing a gallery show after the six weeks where young adults have a chance to sell their artwork to the public and keep 50% of the profit earned.

I also wanted to take a minute to flesh out some of the individual weeks projects.

Week one is Drawing Basics: Drawing for Animation. This week we will start by talking about drawing basics like form and gesture followed by composition, proportion and perspective. Once we have a handle on that we’ll start talking about drawing for animation. Drawing for animation is about the dynamics of movement and the exaggerations called squash and stretch. We’ll also learn about the animation program Pencil. The class will look at animators Tex Avery and Jon K.

Week 02 Scratch board. This week we will work with scratch board using a variety of tools and adding inks.

Week 03 Liquid and Semi-Transparent media. This week we’ll try traditional India ink with a brush and pen followed by dye based markers.

Week 04 This week we get into the world of acrylic paint markers. Paint markers have grown up!! We will discuss the new markers strengths including solubility, custom color mixing and alternative surfaces. The work on this week will roll seamlessly into the next week about acrylic painting.

Week 05 is about traditional acrylic painting with a brush and pallet knife, followed by the methods to combine the paint with the markers.

Week 06 Photoshop CS6. This week we will cover the basics of Photoshop as it applies to print illustration, composition creation, file types,sizing, general manipulation and exporting. The studio has 6 Mac Minis for this task. Each is equipped with a Wacom drawing tablet. So we will also cover the mac environment and the basics of digital drawing.

Whoa that is alot!!

I would like to formally invite all young adults age 18-25 to come down and give it a try. If you have any questions you could leave a comment here or email me at David_Sebastian Lastly you could call Tempo at 508-879-1424 and ask for David Sebastian or Green House Graphics.

thanx for reading see you soon.