My experience by Chris Burpee


How I describe Green House Graphics is the following.

This is my second time taking the workshop. I was a little nervous at first because of competition. Even though we work as a group, we still have to face the facts and be the best artists that we can be. Another GHG student and I worked together as a team. It was hard work and fun too. GHG is a fun, goofy place. Lots of creative ideas from staff and students. Sometime we even make new friends. It is also a great way to learn about art history too.


Chris Burpee


Green house graphics Paint the walls

So this week we finally got our new MacMinis! The only draw back is we will no longer be able to paint on the walls once computers and monitors are mounted up this week we are painting everything!!!


Alex Fox


Jonah Jones and Chris Burpee


Jonah Jones and Chris Burpee


Jordan Barbieri


Jordan Barbieri


Jordan Barbieri


Graham Lage


Graham Lage

Toast23's GigerDemon

Mentoring Artist David Sebastian

First Photovoice of 2014 show at 2nd Legislative Breakfast

image image image

The artwork created by the young adults in both Framingham and Waltham is up at another location . This time it was the 2014 Legislative breakfast in Watertown Massachusetts. The exhibit was a big hit!! All of the legislators who were in attendance took the time to check it out and talk to me (David Sebastian Photovoice facilitator).

In fact State Representative Jay Kaufman offered to host a show in his office at the statehouse. Thank you Representative Kaufman!!!!!!



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New work by Chris Burpee

Here’s a few new pieces by Chris Burpee





Jamie’s post



Imaginary Friend

We are nearly through the fifth week of the GHG workshop! This week we have moved on from dry media and ventured into the realm of painting with inks and watercolour.

My name is Jamie DiLiddo and I have always been passionate about art.

When I first began the program, I was concerned that I might experience an artistic block and be unable to draw anything. Very much to the contrary I have found that being surrounded by fun, artistic people is very inspiring and it’s exciting to try mediums that I’ve never tried before. 

Participating in GHG has been a great experience thus far and I’m eager to see what will come next!

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My time at Green House graphics

I am coming to the end of the FOURTH week in my first GHG studio program, I am 21 and trying something new thought it would be a cool experience seeing as how I plan on learning how to TATTOO! This whole art thing is amazing I must add. I’ve learned to work with a lot of cool things like paint pens, charcoal, Photoshop, scratch board, (not too great at) but I still try. My painting skills are getting there, the group and I have been working on a job for a client and this project covers a lot of the materiel  we work with.


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Dionne Robinson


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