Second 6 weeks of Green House Graphics

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Hi folks, So we’re ready to start up our second 6 week studio art program. I thought I’d elaborate a bit about the individual weeks projects.

Week 01 Photo Shop on the mac

This week we will cover the basics of Adobe Photo Shop CS6.

Importing, selecting, manipulating and exporting within the Apple environment

Week 02 Advanced Photo Shop

This week we will cover the second half of PS basics.

This week we’ll begin drawing and painting with a tablet in Photo Shop

Week 03 Painting and drawing transfer techniques/going from digital to traditional

This one the title tells it all. We will talk about using the printer, light table, graphite and Saral transfer papers. Also we will discuss the Silhouette Cameo stencil cutter as methods to get art from the computer or else where onto our painting surface.

Week 04 Acrylic painting

This week we will cover the basics of acrylic painting on skateboards specifically. Brushes, blades, markers and the airbrush as delivery systems.

Week 05 Multimedia (wet&dry)

This week we’ll combine some of the media we’ve discussed and add a few more. We’ll add dehydrated ink sticks, collage, watercolor colored pencils and oil pastel to try to add to the density of a piece.

Week 06 Airbrush

This week we’ll work with the airbrush. The projects this week are: spray a tshirt, and create and spray a stencil.

So that’s my plan for the next 6 weeks.

If you or anyone you know is interested please give us a call Tempo/GHG at 508-879-1424 and ask for Dave or email me directly at .

3rd annual Art show at the Amazing Things Art Center

Hello everyone,

Last Thursday we had our 3rd annual art opening at Amazing Things Art Center located at 160 Hollis St Framingham. Thank you so much to all the folks who came out on Thursday. I’d especially like to thank Wayside Youth and Family Support Network and The Department of Mental Health for supporting and funding our program.

I’d also like to thank the young adult’s families. First for supporting the artist time in the studio and for being a part of our opening celebration. Lastly I’d like to thank the young adult artists. You guys worked with me through weeks of instruction and effort and this is your reward. I found our time together over the last 3 years to be tremendously rewarding. I can’t believe how great you guys are.

I’d also like to thank Ellen Sturgis the gallery director at Amazing Things. I have never felt more supported by gallery management. Also thanks for allowing us to fill the gallery with just our stuff.


We have the exceptional honor of having our 196 pieces of young adult art hanging in the galley until July 17th.

The gallery at Amazing Things Art Center 160 Hollis Street, Framingham is open 12-6 Tues-Sat and during evening performance intermissions.

thanx again everyone. I couldn’t do it without you.

David Sebastian

Mentoring Artist at Green House Graphics


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3rd Annual gallery show at Amazing Things Art Center



Hey Folks its that time of year again. We are having our 3rd annual gallery show at The Amazing Things Art Center at 160 Hollis St in Framingham on June 25th from 6pm-9pm. This is the biggest show we have ever done. It’s a retrospective of all the pieces we have created in fifty-four weeks of the Green House Graphics program. This show will be up for a whole month in the Amazing Things art gallery.

A special thanks to Wayside Youth and Family Support network and the department of Mental Health for their support of our program. And of course I’d like to thank the more then 30 young adult artists I have worked with in creating this show.

2 Photo Voice Exhibits

So I am just about to finish up facilitating Photo Voice for the 3rd and 4th time. One in Framingham and one in Waltham. All of the young adults did great and the artwork is very excitng. Wanna see? Come to our 2 exhibits.

3/31 4-6pm at Tempo 68 Henry st Framingham

2014 Framinham PV flyer

4/3 4-6 at Wayside Waltham 118 Central st Waltham

2014 waltham PV flyer

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Our first gallery show at Amazing Things Art center in Framingham

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 3.53.07 PM

Hi Folks

June 6th between 6-9pm we had our first gallery show at Amazing Arts in Framingham. We had 60 pieces of art ranging from acrylic paintings to graphite, studio markers,charcoal, ink wash and collage. Our group of young adult artists framed or prepared all the work in the 3.5 weeks we had between getting the show and our event.

The exhibiting artist at Amazing Things Art Center Sonja Holzwarth Maneri was kind enough to host our show in the space in front of her show. She even found time to come speak to the GHG artists about a life in the arts and about her inspiration. ( Thanx Sonja.)

It was an amazing night. We had about 100 guests and sold 35 pieces of art. I think the young adults did an AMAZING job interacting with the public and discussing their work in a very professional way.

I’m very proud to be working with these folks. I know this is just the beginning. Watch this space for the exciting future of Green House Graphics.


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Our first gallery show at Amazing Things Art Center

AmazingArtsGalleryShowInviteDeliverableOur first group gallery show of new artwork by our team of young adult artist is finally happening!!!!

June 6th 2013 at the Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham, MA from 6pm-9pm. Please come and buy great art by your friends and neighbors from the Green House Graphics interactive workshop at Tempo.


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Amazing Arts gallery show on June 6th 2013!!!!!!

Its official we have a gallery show at Framingham’s Amazing Arts gallery on June 6th from 6pm-9pm. The poster and further info to follow!!!!!!



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